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Code of ethics

The Board of Directors believes in the importance of clearly defining the values and principles that guide RAH ENERGYs activities in order to assure that all Company activities are conducted in compliance with applicable regulations, in a context of fair competition, honesty, integrity and good faith, and in conformity with the legitimate interests of all stakeholders with whom RAH ENERGY usually interacts: shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers, commercial and financial partners, local communities and institutions. Directors, Statutory Auditors, management and all RAH ENERGY employees or other participants, as well as those who operate in Italy or abroad to achieve RAH ENERGY objectives are called upon to observe these principles, and to ensure that they are observed, in the context of their own functions and duties. The respect to the contents of the code of ethics plays a role of paramount importance for the efficiency, reliability and reputation of RAH ENERGY, all decisive factors for the success of any company and for the improvement of the social context in which RAH ENERGY work. RAH ENERGY is therefore constantly striving to promote and enhance the diversity, offering support to all its employees and associates, and to cultivate a work environment and competitiveness that respects the differences of gender, genetic characteristics, race, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion, political or any other belief, membership of a national minority, economic status, birth, disability, age, sexual orientation or any other status.