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Today every business process is accelerated because of methods of communication: we are in the digital age, we live a reality that rapidly led to the disruption of the old business models and of the related technologies. This is the contest in which arose ‘Internet of Things’, whose basic concepts are fully integration, use of big data, time to market, in short DIGITAL INTELLIGENCE.

The mission of RAH Energy is exactly this: fully integrated high-tech LED lighting solutions provided of an intelligent software capable of being centers of information and data collection, data to be processed in order to become useful to the actual needs of companies.

That means not only LED, which is already a commodity, but ADVANCED LED, INTELLIGENT LED, DIGITAL LIGHTING SOLUTIONS: i.e. ‘INTERNET OF THINGS’ applied to the LED TECNOLOGY.

Acting on the management and active control of the fixture itself, our LED products are able to provide information not only about ENERGY CONSUMPTION of each device but full information about all aspects relating to the ENTERPRISE SECURITY, PROCESSES, and BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY. We provide lighting systems which are no longer simple object to make light but tools of corporate MONITORING.

BE SMART, choose the ‘INTELLIGENT LIGHT’ of RAH Energy.

With the intelligent light by RAH Energy you can illuminate WHERE, WHEN and HOW MUCH needed, meaning illuminate your activities OPTIMALLY, only what is strictly necessary and relevant to the performance of each activity ensuring, at the same time, maximum safety and optimal comfort in compliance with regulations.

Choose the smart lighting by RAH Energy means to match highly advanced lighting content with punctual measurements of an innovative management platform that, working in real time on the real needs and on effective use of lighting, improves your business planning by optimizing savings and brings your facility to be a ‘fully connected intelligent environment’ with reduced energy costs, increased productivity and visibility, and, furthermore, for any business environment even for those critical environments such as industrial plants, petrochemical plants or other production sites with high activity or other areas for special activities such as health facilities, distribution centers, logistics or cold storage centers where such kind of products can best perform their function.


RAH ENERGY in partnership with a prestigious American industry, is the first company to supply the Italian market a revolutionary solution for intelligent lighting that can add to the already considerable savings of LED technology, savings achievable through intelligent lighting management.

It is a new generation of LEDs that provides substantial savings by acting on management and on active control of the lighting body. This technology allows to achieve savings both on efficiency of LED technology and through an intelligent management of the actual lighting needs according to the specifications of each production activity. The resulting saving is estimated 30% higher than any other technology now present in the LED market, and thus ensures total savings values higher than 80%.

This intelligent management acts through an integrated system of sensors connected remotely (power meter, daylight, occupational sensors, PIR), which allows each lamp to act as if it were a small computer can autonomously detect, independently and in real time, the levels of illumination (ground lux), the presence of personnel in its own area of relevance (under the lamp), the consumption of each lamp and many other significant data for the optimization of consumption.

Moreover, thanks to the software, fully managed in wi-fi and therefore without the need for structural interventions, this technology provides accurate and timely reports of consumption that can be used to intervene on business processes.

The LED lamps used in this technology are guaranteed for 10 years or 100,000 hours of use.


Thanks to the large increase in savings and to the great amount of related TOE (tonne of oil equivalent) obtainable, the INTELLIGENT LIGHT of RaH Energy generates benefits for your business both by obtaining government incentives, i.e white certificates, and by obtainng a SMART company’s image, meaning a company virtuous and conscious of its social responsibilities


INTELLIGENT LIGHT of RaH Energy provides, not only, optimized illumination and energy efficiency but, above all, creates a validated platform for real-time management of an accurate and timely information that will support your investment.

The INTELLIGENT LIGHT of RaH Energy measures in detail all values needed to bring efficiency and full control of each activity thanks to its advanced systems such as:

  • multi strategy controls such as daylight harvesting (automatic dimming of artificial light according to natural light);
  • Task tuning (dedicated settings depending on areas of intervention and / or of work planned under each lighting fixture)
  • detailed reporting (the scheduling of activities according to a detailed history of energy usage, occupancy, ambient light, seasons, etc. ) by reporting functionality allows easy visualization of this data for utility corporate energy accounting.

RaH Energy turns your lighting system in an higly evolved and customizable ‘LED lighting system’ by means of:

  • INDIVIDUAL CONTROL (Adjustments management sensors ‘remote control’ with no machine downtime to change and manually reset any sensors, thus saving time and reducing error margins)
  • WIRELESS INTEGRATED SYSTEM (no invasive procedure to pull cables or structural intervention)
  • AUTOMATED SYSTEM (management of emergency lighting and all regulatory check for safety in the ‘remote control’ i.e. without any shutdowns saving time and reducing error margins)
  • UNIFORMITY ‘GUARANTEED’ (the system works with very soft ramps such that the active and inactive level of the lighting system always alternate in a gradual manner and in conformity with the visual comfort and lighting regulations).