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Any advanced engineering project requires full knowledge of production processes, materials and LED technology, as industrial design should balance creative, conceptual, freeform thinking with the practical, industrial constraints in order to get something attractive and properly working.

We live and breathe the world of Industrial Design.

We have a Product Design and Research department which offers product design, applied industrial design, concept design, and customized product development and research including concept development, CAD realisation, rapid prototyping and research services.

Our design department based in our factory around MILANO, count on professional who have been living and breathing product design and development and have developed LIGHTING PRODUCTS for customers in a multitude of markets and industries. Not only do we do Design, we customise design products and we offer a variety of other connected services.

We love design, particularly when our product design expertise gives our clients an  “REAL” competitive advantage. Over the years we have helped our clients generate returns from our ‘industrial design and product design output’, something we are very proud to be part of. We at RaH ENERGY realise and understand the importance of product design to our clients and the need to provide value for money, whatever size organisations are and whatever their budget might be: therefore we take a staged approach to Industrial Design and Product Design.

RAH ENERGY’s design department owned all the right elements so that we well combine in our products elegance and innovative aesthetic appeal with the best quality and functionality. Whether it’s an industrial site or a prestigious interior our staff of designers ensure the very best industrial design in which seamlessly blend form and function to make our products truly desirable.